About the author

François Falanga Author-Photographer

I was there, I watched, I photographed.

College student in the 70’s, I discovered through the college photo club the art of capturing light and the joys of black and white development.
At the beginning of the 80’s, armed with a nikon fm and animator of summer camps, I was, among other things, in charge of the center’s photo lab… and then time went by… I got back into it with the arrival of the digital cameras in the 90’s and even more with the bridges in mid 2000.

Then buying a Pentax k5 in 2012 finally put my foot back in the stirrup, not to mention the trips that made me want to immortalize even more these extraordinary landscapes we have around us.

I wish you an excellent trip on my site.

Since October 2020, I have been an author-photographer in addition to my job as It engineer.