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Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherd dog is a breed of sheepdog. the international canine federation has registered it under the name australian shepherd as a provisionally recognized breed since 1996 and definitively since june 2007. its standard is attributed to the united states with a modification concerning the tail for the european standards.

Despite its name, it is not native to Australia, but to the Basque Country and it is said to have developed in North America.

The Basques, a people of shepherds, had dogs that closely resembled the Australian Shepherd for hundreds of years. Many Basques migrated to other regions in search of work, taking their dogs with them. Some went to Australia, a country known for its sheep farms and wool production. The skills of these shepherds and their dogs were much appreciated there. Around the 1900s, some migrated from Australia to the United States (especially California) taking their dogs and sheep with them.

American farmers then developed this breed, immediately appreciated for its agility. As this dog arrived from Australia, they named it Australian Shepherd Dog, often abbreviated to Aussie as it is known today. The breed returned to France in the 1980s and the central canine society recognized its provisional standard in 1996 and then officially in 2007.
Nowadays, it is a dog that is still widely used in the United States for driving herds, especially sheep.
In France, the breed is developing and in 2000 there were more than 1,700 individuals registered.

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Source: Wikipedia